Consulting family business

1 .The creation and development of family offices.
2 .Strategies later competing with the family.
3 .Restructuring of the estate of the family to follow them through the family office.
4 .To regulate the relationship between the family and the various banks later the same year, the Energy Star family.
5 .To improve the transparency of family businesses.
6 .All development services and the restructuring of the family business.
7 .The formulation of the vision of the family and issues of the strategic goals of the Constitution and be treated like family different (investment, charity, Social,
Build a mental image) and arrange things continued this Constitution for generations different from the family, with the development of the mechanism of the development
The constitution from generation to generation.
8 .The development of the family team of rehabilitation, training, and consultation personal or comprehensive.
9 .The development of the regulations of the financial and administrative manual policy.
01 .Determine the powers and make sure that most financial management and control work.