COC's expertise & clients

The radical shift from strategic planning to integrated planning
(integrated business planning concept)
Integrated Business Planning – IBP
Integrated business planning and implementation and effective linking of operations

COC . Consultant Experiences

1. COC Partners have worked for many years with global consulting firms
2. The average years of experience of the partner in COC is not less than 25 years
3. Total COC experience in the Middle East is 14 years
4. Average years of experience for consultants in COC not less than 30 years
5. Appointing consultants in consulting missions based on the nature of the sector and the consulting topic

COC Group has provided consulting services to multiple sectors around the world

• Government sector
• Commercial sector
• Industrial sector
• Contracting sector

• Family companies
• communications companies
• Financial services sector ( companies..investment and financial institutions)
• Service companies (hotels, hospitals, schools, universities)